How to Safely Buy a Car Online

There are literally  hundreds of web sites on which you can find used cars for sale — and I emphasize the word “find.”

However, there are very few sites that allow you to actually purchase the cars you find, and fewer still that will deliver the cars for free, provide a warranty, and offer a return policy.

There is one that I like and can highly recommend — Vroom.

Let’s look at the reasons we think this is arguably the best used car buying site out there — and the safest.

  • Shop 1000s of late-model, low-mileage vehicles: Teslas to Toyotas, Jeeps to Jaguars, and everything in-between
  • Vroom only sells cars with clean titles that have never been in an accident. Every Vroom car is inspected multiple times for safety, mechanical, and aesthetic issues.
  • Free AutoCheck vehicle history report
  • They don’t haggle on price—they just set the price real low. 8% lower than the market, on average.
  • Free 90 day, 6000 mile warranty
  • Full year of 24/7 roadside assistance coverage
  • 30+ banking and finance partners compete over who gets to finance you. Rates start at just 2.49%.
  • Complete your purchase from home without ever having to visit the car dealership — free delivery to your home or office.
  • Free vehicle returns for 7 days or 250 miles

And here are some numbers that show that they are for real and worth considering for your next car purchase:

  • Generated over $1B in revenue in 2016 selling over 50,000 vehicles
  • 250,000+ happy customers
  • 3,000+ cars and trucks in stock across 400+ makes and models
  • 110 acres of vehicle reconditioning facilities

The Internet has always provided a great way to research cars, see reviews, and find them for sale but it’s been only recently that it’s also become a good risk-free way to actually purchase vehicles, take care of the paperwork, and have your car delivered to your driveway — all without your having to leave your home or office.

You owe it to yourself to check out this fantastic way to buy your next used car online at Vroom.

Still concerned about risk ? Let’s just be reminded of the following:

  • Reputable company and good business history
  • Great online support
  • Full inspection and free AutoCheck reports
  • Clean titles
  • Roadside assistance
  • Limited warranty
  • Return policy

Give Vroom a try. You won’t regret it.