High Mileage Car – Good or Bad?

Is It Smart to Buy a Car with High Mileage?

high mileage used carWhen shopping for a used car, you might find a car you like that appears to be in great condition but has what seems to be high mileage.

Since about 15,000 miles a years is average for most cars, anything significantly more  is considered high mileage. So, for a car that is, say, 6 years old, it should have about 90,000 miles to be considered as “average.”

However, just because a car has an average number of miles — or less —  doesn’t mean it’s worth buying. It could easily have serious problems if it has been driven roughly and not properly maintained, or has been wrecked and poorly repaired.

Likewise, if a car has a higher-than-average number of miles, it might be a great buy if it’s in great condition, has been well cared for, and has been driven sensibly. It might be good for thousands of more miles.

So it seems it’s the actual condition of a car that is more important, although the higher the number of miles, the more likely the car is in poor condition.

The best way to determine the condition of a car is to have a professional mechanic inspect it and provide a written report of any current problems and potential future problems. You can then make a smart buying decision based on that report.

Do not rely on your own inspection if you are not a mechanic, as many significant problems can be hidden and not obvious.

Do not depend on a seller telling you that a car “has no problems” or “runs great” because he might not know of all problems, or might be less than honest in disclosing them to you.

Since used cars are sold “as-is”, you usually can’t take the car back to the seller or dealer if you discover problems after the sale, even if you were lied to. It is the buyer’s responsibility to know the condition of a used car before it is purchased.

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