Car Loan Calculator

Calculate monthly payments for a used car loan, based on the car’s selling price, the term (months) of the loan, down payment amount (if any), and the loan’s annual interest rate (APR).

Auto Loan Calculator
Vehicle Price: $ example - 12000
Down Payment: $ if any - 0 if none
Length of Loan: months
Interest Rate: % (Exc. credit=5.5% Good=7.5% Poor=10%-12% *)
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* Rates for used cars are typically higher than for new cars, and depend on your latest credit score. Get your Experian Credit Report FREE at

Use this used car loan payment calculator for monthly car payments, financing costs, and total costs, as well as refinancing benefits. Use it to find out how much car you can buy, based on monthly payments you can afford.

The value of an online car loan calculator is that it helps you understand how car financing works, the effects of interest rate differences, how a down payment reduces monthly payments, and how finance charges increase the total cost of buying a car.

This used car loan payment calculator can also help determine whether refinancing a car loan can lower monthly payments. It can also be used to verify dealer calculations to avoid mistakes and reveal hidden costs.

If you are also considering leasing a car, see this Car Lease Calculator to calculate monthly payments and other costs.

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